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So, i'm at the end of my second semester of nursing school. We have a multiple problem plan of care due soon. We have to work 3 different nursing diagnoses out completely. I have my first one... Read More

  1. by   funnypharm
    When I hear (elderly, pain, surgery) I think of:

    Alteration in Bowel Elimination: Constipation
    Impaired Skin Integrity
    Impaired Physical Mobility
    Knowledge Deficit
    Self Care Deficit: *

    I'm sure there are more.
  2. by   bmoseyyx3
    yeah, she doesn't have constipation, no powerlessness, no impaired skin integrity, i've already used impaired mobility, might can use knowledge deficit, and already used self care deficit.

    =/ I despise care plans
  3. by   funnypharm
    yes, they are a pain in the rear. When I was in the LVN program I always wondered why there was not a class on nursing care plans and labs. I guess because you get a little bit with each system.

    I'll tell you what is cool, get the care plan flash cards or borrow someones. Wow, we had a girl who took hers to every clinical and she actually did very well. Care plans are real snoozers but they are the foundation of your care.
  4. by   bmoseyyx3
    yea that's true. i'm so glad i found this site. I think that from the help i've got from this site, i've got so far 2 of the best care plans i've ever done in my 2 semesters.
  5. by   bmoseyyx3
    This is my intervention for anxiety.

    , sans-serif]Teach patient (pamphlet and verbally) the procedure she will going into, the anesthesia, the risks, and what to expect when coming out of the ERCP, and also making sure that they are on a level she can understand. Teach that the patient will be lying on her stomach and have a lighted scope inserted gently through the mouth, and down the throat to the duodenum into the ampulla which serves as the "drain for the liver and pancreas. A small catheter is placed through this opening and dye is carefully injected so that x-rays can be taken , sans-serif], teach that she will not be able to have anything to eat or drink 8 hours before having the test, teach that the procedure takes 30-60 minutes, the risks are minimum with most being upper respiratory problems from the scope being inserted, the drugs being used are more than likely propofol, midazolam and fentanyl and might cause a low blood pressure.
  6. by   Whispera
    Be sure to use words that the general public will understand in your teaching. Medical terms aren't necessarily the ones you want to use. For instance, lots of people don't have any idea what a duodenum, ampulla, or scope are. Aim for a fifth grader's comprehension level unless you're sure a patient will understand you (the patient is a nurse, for example). It's generally thought that most of the American population comprehends at that level, especially when under stress. The ability to understand can be influenced by illness, anxiety, career, and education level. Draw pictures. Until you're confident your patient will understand teaching, it never hurts to run it by someone not in the medical field, to see if that person can understand it all, or run it by another student. I know there's not usually time to do it...just at least consider it...