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:o Are there still places that require nurses to wear nursing caps while they are at work? When I use to live in Wheeling,West Virginia I was told that nurses at the nursing home were required to... Read More

  1. by   Dinsey
    My mom became a nurse in the early 70s and quickly ditched the cap because she couldn't keep it on and it was in the way. The dress soon followed after an incident involving body fluids (of a patient) that she doesn't like to talk about.

    I can't imagine wearing a dress or skirt to work. Just knowing what's on my pants when I come home?
  2. by   tanthalas
    In Thailand nurses still wear the nursing caps. I think it's quite attractive
  3. by   DoeRN
    My hair is too big for a nursing cap. It would get lost in my hair.
  4. by   MayBoo
    You also had to keep your hair completely off your collar. No pony tails.

    No fancy make-up, or lip stick

    No scrubs, unless you worked in the OR

    Only nursing shoes, no tennis shoes, clogs, or sport shoes
  5. by   karmil
    Trivia: My daughter lives in South Africa and tells me the Nurses (called "Sisters") still wear white uniforms and caps. They work hard to become nurses, but I think they might be a combo maid/aide. Does anyone know for sure? My other RN daughter thought about living there....but does NOT want to be a glorified maid/aide in white! She was just thrilled with her new BLUE NICU FLIGHT SUIT she has to wear when transporting. Now THAT takes a good figure!!! Her "cap" is a helmet!
  6. by   queenjean
    I've never seen a nurse in a cap, I've never owned one, I had one on my head for 10 seconds while my pic was taken once, and I would laugh my a$$ off at any nurse I saw in a cap. Just like I would laugh my a$$ off at any doc who asked me for my chair, or told me to go make him coffee.

    Yeah, the good old days, with the segregated wards, the subservient women nurses, the doc-konws-best attitude, the patient and family unfriendly facilities; yeah, those were good times, good times. Not.
  7. by   Ms. Nurse Assistant
    Why did nurses stop wearing the cap, the white dress uniform, and shoes?
  8. by   lovehospital
    Quote from Ms. Nurse Assistant
    Why did nurses stop wearing the cap, the white dress uniform, and shoes?
    All I got to say is thank GOD,you dont want to wear those white hats do you?
  9. by   Ms. Nurse Assistant
    Quote from lovehospital
    All I got to say is thank GOD,you dont want to wear those white hats do you?
    lol Yes, I am. The only time you see the old fashioned nurse outfit is in a sex shop or when women are role playing as a 'sexy' nurse on tv
  10. by   jallen5
    When I announced that I was going to become a nurse, my mother-in-law was immediately captured by the idea of me in a "little white dress with the little white hat and the little white stockings." I tried to explain that no one really wears that outfit anymore, and she has been in enough hospitals and medical offices to know that, but she still brings it up all the time. It makes her so happy to think of it. I never gave much thought to how the uniform for nurses has changed over the years until she brought that up. When my daughter was getting some tests done at the children's hospital, all the nurses wore completely different scrubs and outfits, and you would never know by looking that they were all part of the same group. It looked unproffessional, but they were all so happy in their jobs that I wondered if their comfort played a role in their job satisfaction. Interesting to say the least. I'm SO glad I won't really be wearing the skirt, hat and stockings. Sheesh!
  11. by   SDS_RN
    At one of the NH facilities the nurses have to wear white scrubs and a cap. You could not pay enough to wear a hat or work at that facility. Thank goodness for change.
  12. by   nrsang97
    The caps proved to be a infection control risk. I am so glad that I never had to wear one.

    I could never keep the darn thing on my head anyway. Imagine if a pt pulled it off and pulled your hair with it.

    I only saw one working nurse wearing a cap and that was when I was in nursing school. She wore a dress too.

    There is a nurse where I work now that wears a ceil blue dress with the white hose and shoes. (We have to wear ceil blue).

    I don't even as a kid remember nurses wearing white or caps.

    You couldn't pay me enough to wear a cap or a dress. No way No how.
  13. by   Farmer Jane
    I might wear one on Halloween, but that's it. I'm a professional, not a caricature.