Nursing and Biotechnology..promising career choice

  1. Hey everyone. Check out Learn about biotech. What a hot field to be in. I am a BSN nurse who is starting college again this fall. I take one course in fall and one in Spring and I am snatched up by a biotech firm before I am finished. M-F days, bennies....and 6 figures within four years (well close). Anyone can do dont have to have a BSN. You can be a mechanic.........Any questions? I am very excited.......Plus I always loved lab.........but that's not what it is all is a giant field balloons, stints, dialysis, disease cures, better lab tests, better disease treatments, better medical equipment ......check it out.........a very promising career for us.

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  3. by   HotSpam
    Looks like a heck of a career leap to me. More closely related to those in agriculture or genetics. But what the hay (pun intended:-)

    Good luck. I wish I still had the pioneering spirit...

  4. by   e-nurse
    Do you only have to take the two classes? What school are you going to for this? What schools do you know of have these biotech courses? Thanks for planting the seed.