1. I am a pre-nursing student. Last year I took a bio class which got me interested in nursing. My mother is an RN, and so are all other female members of my family. She dislikes her job (works at an addiction clinic).

    I was initially thinking of the LPN track, but I've been told it's not worth it. RN's are better paid although the classes are harder. I guess it's worth it in the long run.

    Is nursing truly a terrible profession? I have to wait until next year to sit for the NLN. This fall I will be taking the pre nursing classes, then the NLN and hope I am in the first group to be accepted into the clinical phase of classes.

    Do you enjoy your job? What is it really like? I'm a minority male. Any responses will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Katnip
    No, it's not really a horrible job, it depends on what YOU like.

    It's a hard job. It's physically, emotionally, and intellectually challenging. Yes, there are some serious downsides for some people. Some areas, some units, some hospitals have poor management and administration that makes it very difficult for nurses. The media often portrays nurses in a negative light as well. Or ignores us. Some facilities foster poor attitudes of doctors toward nurses, but that culture seems to be changing somehwat. I have not come across that much at all in the year I've been a nurse.

    We could be paid better for what we do. We're certainly worth it.

    The hours are long. There are days where nothing seems to go right and my patients are uncooperative and confused. They want to die on you. Some days it's all I can do to climb the stairs and flop into bed.

    Then there is the other side. You will touch many, many lives in ways few others can. You will do it moreso than any doctor, respiratory therapist, or dietician will. Once in a while, you'll even get a sincere thank you from a patient or their family members.

    Every day you will make a difference, whether your patients or their families know it or not. But YOU will know it. And that is what makes most of us keep going back.
  4. by   sjoe
    My suggestion would be to read a LOT of threads on this BB, particularly those with titles that speak to working satisfaction/conditions, etc.