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Ideally you have 30 minutes for report, or we do at least, 6:45-7:15. I generally clockin at 18:35 to grab the patient info from the cardexes (Diet, vitals, activities, special notes from doctors,... Read More

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    unfortunately thats the way is is done. we do not have a choice in the matter. i usually take longer when turning over to a new rn who has not had the patient before. we try to avoid this be keeping the same group as long as the patient is in the icu. 8 pts. i wouldnt take that long to give report. we could get it done in 15 to 20 mins. as well. i would even have time to tell ya what color toe polish they had on and what times they went to the head.

    I know different facilities and different managers have different policies about the report process. And if I were in ICU, I would give a different type of report since the patients are in a critical situation, and most times in ICU our patient load was usually 2 to 3 patients each, instead of the med surg which was 10 to 12 each.

    And definetly if I am giving report to a new nurse, I will give a more lengthy and/or detailed report for two reasons - for the nurse herself, and also for the patient, to make sure the nurse is aware of things the patient may need during her shift.

    Anne, RNC