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So, with nurses week coming up, I was fondly remembering all the neat swag my employer has offered me as a token of their appreciation. Over the last four years as a nurse I have received - A... Read More

  1. by   nurseratchett29
    Boy, I stay away for a couple of weeks and all kinds of stuff gets posted. What's this from RNCM about how we should be ashamed? I take my work very seriously and love what I do. My patients frequently thank me and for the most part are very nice. Of course, I get my share of pains in the ass but that comes with the territory. The point is that although my job is to take care of my patients, they are not the ones who pay me or who I have to answer to day in and day out. It would be nice to be shown some appreciation and gratitute from those who sign my paycheck instead of only being adressed when they feel there is a problem. Everyone needs to feel appreciated and that;s what nurse's week is supposed to be all about. Recognizing the hard work we do to try to improve people's lives. It is true that I didn't go into nursing to be recognized, however, a kind gesture (and one that doesn't include the old single finger salute) would be nice. It is cheaper to provide job satisfaction than it is to recruit and train new hires constantly. Just a thought.
  2. by   ChristenLPN
    Originally posted by JBudd
    Got a key chain last year, the stone fell out and the ring broke, and what's left is still on the floor of my van.
    On the other hand, the administrators actually showed up on the night shift with hot carts of pizza from OUTSIDE the hospital, one of the good places in town!

    JBudd, where in NM are you? I have seen several posts recently from NM nurses and it is interesting to know what is going on outside my little corner!
    Happy Nurses Week!
  3. by   l.rae
    dear dskrn, where have you been? nurses are acting....ever hear of the nursing shortage?????????? :chuckle :d
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  6. by   dskrn1955
    Dear l.rae, Touch!! I just meant that for those nurses who commented on their cr*ppy gifts, maybe they should help plan the nurses day celebrations. I was pretty shocked to read that there are places out there who do NOTHING for their nurses. Acting comes in many forms, and one of those is definately choosing to work somewhere you are appreciated.
  7. by   Goofball
    The docs and managers used to have pizzas or chinese food delivered, a different meal each day of the week for both shifts. But they haven't done anything for years now. We did have the choice of getting some free ice cream one day, but I wasn't working and sure wasn't coming in for that.
    I'd like not floating ever again as a nursing appreciation thing.
  8. by   l.rae
    Dear dskrn..glad ya have a sense of humor! I'm the unit shutterbug...I love taking pictures of my co-workers. Believe it or not, people love to see ther picture, it's a real morale booster...don't know why. I mean admit it...who do you look for first in a group photo? Well anyway,, I took all these pictures and had a cheap color copy made, cut those up and made a neat colage(spelling?) color coppied the colage and the picture put on a cake...brought it in for Nurses Week It was a big hit...LR
    Originally posted by dskrn1955
    My suggestion to all of you who are not happy with your nurses day celebrations: get involved! Let someone know that you would like to help plan the nurses day celebration.
    If you had read my post, you would see that we did try to get involved and give management ideas. They shot us down because the cost to them was $1 per nurse.

    Hey, while I'm at it, maybe I should plan my own birthday parties too!

  10. by   KaraLea
    At my last job last year, we got badge holders with the hospital's name on it. A computer mouse pad with Toprol written on it that they had gotten from some rep, a little plastic baggie of bandaides that they got from some rep, and individual packets of instant cappacino drinks that tasted really nasty.

    This year I am at a new job and we got canvas tote bags and travel coffee mugs, both from the doctors. The hospital had a luncheon where they served Bar-B-Que beef sandwiches, chips, and brownies. They had a cake, but I couldn't stay away from my unit long enough to actually see it cut. OH, and they had little cards that someone made up on a computer, which everyone in the nursing office signed.
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    Hey, while I'm at it, maybe I should plan my own birthday parties too!

    Actually, I have taken my own B-day cake to work with me. That way, I get the kind that I like and nobody gets the chance to forget my birthday. LOL
  12. by   KaraLea
    One time when I was working LTC, our DON brought candy and flowers for the Day shift, Evenings and Nights got NADA...She also used to say that Days should get shift dif instead of eve or nights because they worked harder that the other two shifts combined. But you could never get her to work on one of those "easier" shfts.
  13. by   KaraLea
    My biggest gripe is that although they give us nurses little trinkets for nurse's day at that LTC facility, at least they gave us something. When it came time for Nursing assistant's day, they basically ignored it. I finally started bringing things in for my co-workers on Nurse's and Nursing assistant's days