Nurses second class citizens

  1. As a student I have seen doctors who throw temper trantrums or things, and basically treat nurses and student nurses in an extremely negative way. From what I have seen, we are there to make them (drs)look good, and I am really wondering if that is the general rule, rather than an exception, and we'll just have to get used to it. What are some positive ways to help people deal with difficult professionals?

    People need to be treated fairly and equitably, we all have value. I certainly do not care to go through all the training, receive a degree, test through certification, only to feel like I'm in the bottom of the outhouse! Being a non-traditional student and coming back to school a little later in life has given me several opportunites to see who really assists the patient, and that's the nurse! Any feelings on this?
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  3. by   l.rae
    You have to learn to be assertive. As an ER nurse this can become almost 2nd nature and it comes with practice and a will to survive. 22 years ago if a dr. walked into the nurses station and there were no chairs available, the nurse gave him her chair. Now we just give them the finger!lol You'll learn, nursing is not for the faint of heart. You have to give people permission to treat you like scum. Regardless of your career choice, you will only be treated well by not permitting a$$wipes to bully you. So if it is nursing you want, go for it with your head up!
  4. by   thisnurse
    lol....gave him the finger...sounds like me...

    i was standing at the desk on a very busy day waiting for some forms to print up. a doc was standing at one of the alcove desks and he asked me if i was going to be there for a while.
    i asked why

    because i paged another doctor and i wondered if you could wait for the call.

    this resident is usually so nice. i dont know what he could have been thinking but i had to set him straight...

    oh yes DOCTOR i would be glad to stand here and wait for your call. god knows im not doing anything least nothing as important as YOU are. after all everyone knows nurses are handmaidens for the docs.

    he realized what an azz he sounded like and kinda laffed. betcha he wont do that again.

    i have only had a problem with one doc throwing a tantrum and i never REACTED AT ALL. it was a wasted tantrum since nobody was around to be impressed with his "belittling" me.
    and i didnt cry or yell or cringe. i just pretended he wasnt there.
    so he did it again....and i did it

    there is one female doc that likes to yell and i yell right back...she asked me the other night if i had the pt in room 50..i told her yes and started to tell her something about the pt...she yells at me...DO YOU HAVE THAT PATIENT OR NOT?
    i yelled back
    she laffed.

    they are just PEOPLE for goodness sake. just treat them like you would treat ANYONE that yells at you.