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Hi! Just wanted to get some info of nurses working in the nyc area. Which hospitals are good to check out for RN positions, pay, benefits.. Any info would greatly help. Any negatives about... Read More

  1. by   mario_ragucci
    And I hafta say now I am sorry for being close minded about Portland. I moved here for the beauty and the ease of bicycle transportation and didn't consider much else. Mario should not call it a ghost town, or mention the people remind him of zombies. Thats not cool. I can't blame people for not having grown up in NYC. In Asian cultures it, too, is considered uncool to make eye contact. Plus, in America, most are bombarded with media information about rapists and serial killers, so folks become conditioned to hurry from on secure location to another. It's a shame, but, hey, what am I gonna do? It don't mean all Portlanders lack social skills. I love the beauty and cleanliness of Portland. But, I miss grafetti, and I miss dynamic people.
    Maybe it's time I went out and bought some fake tattoos to wear, or I should pierce my ears and mouth and navel - then maybe I'll blend in and folks will accept me. I need to start saying, "whats that" more often as well. And a pair of dark sunglasses, and a wedding band, would complete the look :-)
  2. by   Marialeah
    I'm actually moving to NYC in May to go to nursing school. Right now I am living in Austin, TX and everyone talks to everyone here
  3. by   Netty
    Hey Mario,

    Where were you when I was attending Catholic School struggling to understand God and religion and BOMBING IN MATH!!!!!! LOL
  4. by   ButterflyRN
    Hello there. I don't work in NYC now, but I did between July and October. I worked in Mary Immaculate Hospital in Jamaica Queens. The pay is good, me and my friend both fresh out of school were getting about $60,000/yr. But they have a bad shortage there and so the nurse/patient ratio is high, and I wouldnt recommend that exact hospital. However, that hospital is under the St. Vincents of NY system, and all the hospitals in that system pay well. I also heard that Long Island Jewish Hospital is a good one to work at, but I think they may have a waiting list for new hires. Either way, I wish you good luck
  5. by   -jt
    LIJ recently became the first ANA Magnet Award winning hospital in NYC and they dont have enough vacant positions for all the nurses who want to work there. There is no nurses shortage at LIJ. Funny, isnt it, since every other facility around them does have a shortage. Youd think the others would take a hint & look at what it is that LIJ is doing right, wouldnt you?
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    Yo Netty, I was probably hanging out between the cars on the RR train coming back from uptown, doing my thing (wink). Nah - math didn't make sense to me till I got older and started to take education serious. Fer sure it's a step by step process. Nopw I heard there is this "e" thing that is more powerful than "i"

    I graduated from St. Peter's on Saten Island in 1982. I spend alot of time in the city working. I did my time in the bronx too. I used to clean carpets when I was in high school at places in the bronx. the bronx has some beautiful and some wild parts to it.