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I am giving my first deposition this Friday, December 1 after 35 years of Nursing. My mental health patient fell while I was with another patient. I do not remember the patient. She was sent to Xray... Read More

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    Quote from firefly49rn
    get your own lawyer!!!!! no lawyer can serve 2 masters.don't utter one word until you talk to your own attorney.any hospital management will sell out a nurse to save 's cheaper to do this,.if they make a case that you did not follow hospital policy,they don't have to protect you with their lawyer.
    i agree, get your own lawyer, the hospitals lawyer may have an agenda that is not going to be known to you until it gets to court, then everything you say will be used against you, no matter how innocent. my daughter is an attorney and she has told me this in my own lawsuit, not giving legal advice here, just common sense.lawsuits like this are becoming way more frequent, there are law specialties now called nursing home/hospital abuse law and these lawyers are very carefull.
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    The worst thing you can do is to make an attempt to recall anything unless you are 110% sure that what you are repeating is accurate.

    If you can't even remember the patient, I wouldn't say anything along the lines of, "I think..." or "I'm not totally sure, but I probably....."