Nurses from NEW JERSEY I need some feedback please!

  1. hey everyone! i live in gainesville, fl and work on a pediatrics unit. in august, i'll be moving to new jersey (my boyfriend is graduating from uf and moving back home). we'll be living in the new brunswick area.

    i just wanted some feedback and advice from nurses in new jersey. what aresome good hospitals to work at? how's the nurse to patient ratio? do you like working there? does new jersey treat its nurses well?

    i've never lived anywhere else except florida, and i've been an rn for 6 months. i love the hospital where i work and i think they have treated me well so far (as a new nurse, i have cried maybe only once or twice!). the people i work with are great and extremely helpful, too. so, i'm a little anxious about moving... i'm just hoping that if new jersey isn't better than florida, that it's not worse either! thanks so much for your help!!! =)
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  3. by   jodyangel
    Well I've lived in NJ all my life..I hope you like it here compaired to Florida.

    You're up by NYC so the pay should knock your socks off lol. But the cost of living will be high too. I live down south. When I worked in the hospital I had a pt. ratio of 6-8 to one on a tele floor. I now work longterm and I have 30 pts on 3-11pm and 60 pts on 11-7p aghh.

    I don't know if you'll find any differances between the states. I wish you luck!!
  4. by   nursey70
    Welcome to New Jersey! I too live in South Jersey, but it seems that most hospitals have a nurse to patient ratio of 5-6 on days 6-8 on evenings and up to 14 on nights. I would Google the area you are moving to in order to get a listing on area hospitals there and begin to inquire the human resource departments before you move about your areas of concerns. There is a great nursing shortage here and opportunities are abundant. Most staff are nice and supportive. Good luck!