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Nurse's death an apparent overdose The Chester County coroner is awaiting test results. A syringe was found near the body. By Ericka Bennett and Marc Schogol INQUIRER STAFF WRITERS ... Read More

  1. by   Jolie
    I lived in West Brandywine Township, PA from 1992 to 1999, and was a patient at Brandywine Hospital on several occasions, including ER, surgical services, and maternity. I am a perfectionist, and I was 100% satisfied with the care I received on each and every occasion. The hospital was quite well regarded by local physicians and residents alike. I am deeply troubled and saddened to read this news, and must assume that either things have changed drastically in the 2-1/2 years since I left the area, or that these incidents are tragic coincidences. I don't know about the current staffing levels or stressors experienced by nurses there now, but someone had better do something soon, or this fine institution will suffer, as well as the residents who rely on it. My heart goes out to all those affected by these tragedies.