Nurses caring for Nurses(PLEASE REPLY)

  1. CANDICE MARK - 11:09pm Feb 7, 2001 PST

    I am a second year nursing student from north island college. In our curriculum there
    is a lot of
    emphasis on caring and empathy. I was wondering how we, as students and RN's
    can care for each
    other in the workplace. I am looking for some realistic suggestions of how we can
    care for each
    other and stories of how you have felt cared for in the clinical setting.
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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi candicemark. We can care for each other by caring about each other. I don't write this to mean that we have to be in each other's business, but simply, we need to at least give a hoot.

    One of the best ways you can care for me and about me (thereby caring for my patients) is to come in ready and willing to work, do your job to the best of your ability, leave personal baggage at home, and work as a team player. Another way you can show you care is to leave or quit if you are going to work with a bad attitude or are really unable to work.
  4. by   nursejanedough
    Let's take care of each other. I remember working as a nurse extern in surgery and that a nurse made a potentially lethal mistake. (Believe me, it would have caused death.) She caught it in time, but was devastated. The other nurses that knew about it, comforted her and even told her to take a day off (including supervisor). She was assured that anyone could have made that mistake and everyone was glad that she caught it in time. Only a few nurses knew, the only reason I knew, was because my sister was my preceptor. They all were very ethical and protected her and comforted her and I was so impressed with their support and love. She ended up being the floor supervisor and was and is an excellent nurse. I think surgery is probably a great place to work but I personally wanted more patient care. My message is old, very old, let's try to love one another.
  5. by   MartyL
    That's my conclusion too. I am not a radical but the good old fashioned "WWJD" movement gives food for thought. Love one another as you would love yourself. Leads to treat one another as you would like them to treat you. And then there is that "do unto other as you would have done unto you!" It may be very, very old, but it is very very true. Lets stop talking about each other and basking in each other's faults and weaknesses. It is definitely easier to see the splinter in someone else's eye than the twig in our own. Can't see the forest for the trees thing.
  6. by   Sable's mom
    I think we all need to look for and emphasize the good in each other. It is important that we talk face to face with someone we have a problem with and "share" with others only the good stuff.

    Offering to help (instead of waiting to be asked) is one way we can care for each other.

    I try to leave notes or little goodies for my coworkers - just think how much we appreciate cards or candy from our patients.

    How much nicer our workplace would be if we did some of the positive reinforcement we want our administrators to do.

    Hope some of these ideas help.

    Pay it forward.
  7. by   ruth
    Love the 'pay it forward' lindaisanurse! Have to keep that instruction in mind as I live this life. Thanxs-