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I work for a hospital that is owned by a corporation "for profit". So its all about the money lol. They can't keep a nurse manager hired, because the stress gets too bad and they leave, or they... Read More

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    The "statistic" she listed reeks of being total crap (and I would have asked her to cite her source - the reply of "a nursing journal" would not suffice...I want the journal, the author, the date, and the documented research to back up the claim) - unless she is going back to the days when most "nurses" were prostitutes. Even if it were true, and I am quite sure that it is not, it would be entirely irrelevant and if she has even the faintest connection with reality (which it sounds like she may not), she knows it.

    People like this person are not fit for human contact, much less supervisory positions.

    :angryfire :angryfire As you may be able to tell, I have read too many threads tonight that involve nurses being outright taken advantage of and
    mistreated. :angryfire :angryfire
    And yet, it seems that sometimes the biggest idiots are picked to take on supervisory responsibilites. Is it b/c they don't realize what the job entails and are just trying to make themselves feel better by being in charge? Hmmm, what are the statistics for dysfunction and unresolved childhood issues for supervisors? Don't get me wrong, I have worked w/some awesome supervisors. And, then again, I have worked w/supervisors who couldn't work themselves out of a paper bag. Here's my theory: supervisors are either truly dedicated to making life better for others and want to do their best to serve, or else they have sought the job to make themselves feel more powerful superior. I am not trying to put others down, but sometimes you wonder how some folks can possibly believe they can supervise others when they can't even help themselves. I see this sort of thing too much. Why do the folks that do the hiring not use more discretion? I suspect they are desperate for ANYONE to take on this difficult responsibility. I don't know. I'm tired
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    Quote from jodyangel
    I work for a hospital that is owned by a corporation "for profit". So its all about the money lol.
    They can't keep a nurse manager hired, because the stress gets too bad and they leave, or they offend someone and they fire them.

    Main goal of this administration is to keep patient satisfaction HIGH. So you have to be all things to all people. They can't and don't want to hire NA's..don't ask my why, but they don't. So the nurse, who has 6 patients is sometimes in the position of having to take all vital signs, fill ice pichters, make the bed and help the patient bathe. O, and do her meds, sign off her orders, call pharmacy, deal with issues and concerns, deal with critical get my drift.

    Corportation has hired an independant consultant to "shape us up". She has come in and had a meeting with us, stating she doesnt care if we like her or not..shes not here to make friends, but to get us to comply with the companys issues. She then said that 70% of nurses come from dysfunctional backgrounds and 30% come from abused, sexually or physically backgrounds. What her point in saying that I don't honestly know, but she has royally pissed off her staff. It was a real put down to the integrity of the staff. She has a bunch of hardworking dedicated nurses who are working beyond their limits. We're stressed!!

    I'll cut it short here. We are going to form a group of nurses, LPNs and RNs to go to our CNO and complain about this. What do you all think?
    -And what are the numbers for just people in general? Remember, figures don't lie, but liars can do a lot of figuring.
    -What in the world was she trying to accomplish by tossing out these stats (and where do they come from, anyway?)?
    -Get an experienced nurse researcher on your team to give you some perspective (and perhaps some figures of your own, such as, my credit union told me that rn's are right up there w/judges in terms of credit risk. . . responsible, reliable and dependable? I think so. Who could ask for a better emplyee pool?)
    -I'm just guessing here, but if your minions doubt themselves and their worth, you have REALLY got them under your thumb.
    -Is this consultant an actual nurse herself?
    -If nurses are dysfunctional, it has more to do w/the toxic work environment than it does their background.
    -And, maybe, in the polls (alleged), maybe the nurses were just more honest than the average joe.
    -I am very suspicious of someone who starts off w/this sort of attitude.
    -Maybe you should look into HER background.
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    Quote from redshiloh
    "and not notify the corporate offices"? I find that requirement VERY interesting and OF COURSE would definitely want to notify the corporate offices...