Nurse tech working as RN - page 6

So at my facility, a short-term rehabilitation center with a few long-term care patients, nurse techs can cover RN shifts, only if the shift is a NOC shift. Is this legal? Just want to make sure this... Read More

  1. by   Joanie49
    Any LTC faculty that lets this fly is waiting for a lawsuit or even worse patient harm or death. This totally blows my mind to be honest.. Unless you have been to NURSING school and passed NCLEX you should not be preforming ANY RN duties even with somebody "supervising" you... What is going on wherever you are working is illegal plain and simple.
  2. by   ChrissyCasualty
    Actually, in the state of Texas GN and GVN do have licenses...they are just temporary. And the hinge on passing the NCLEX. We can practice as nurses under the supervision of an RN but they ARE licenses.