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  1. I just had a quick question for anyone that might have some information on an NP program out there that is fairly accepting with transfer credits. I have my RN and had almost completed my BSN (2 classes away) but had to move for employment reasons. I have contacted a couple programs but they said that I would have to retake the entire BSN coursework to complete their program.
    Does anyone know of a program out there that could accept my BSN coursework? I've completed Nurs. research, community health, physical assessment, and leadership. I would ultimately like to get my FNP degree, but if it is recommended to get my BSN first then I will. Any help will be appreciated.
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  3. by   blackbird singing
    Maybe you can do a bridge program ASN-->FNP?
  4. by   sunnyprice
    A bridge program is what I was hoping to do but as to where to do the program is what information I was hoping to find out. Any good recommendations?
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    I realize that you're wanting to go straight into a NP program, and therefore, they want you to retake the remaining BSN classes. But, why not complete the BSN (many places will do it online) the you could do into the NP program and finish just those classes required.

    At least, in theory, it could work!

    Good luck!