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  1. I'm in dire need of legal advice here. I'm a RN licensure passer since 2000 but had the unfortunate incident of a family complaint filed to the BRN prior to getting the actual permanent license. My story goes back to the time i was petitioned as a nurse, after passing the exam, i was told by my petitioner that i could immed. practice nursing even without the permanent license on hand. Ignorant of the law(as i just came to this country), i started practice. I had a dying patient whose family had accused me of being uncaring and unprofessional in my dealings with the patient. Unfortunately this matter was not brought to my attention at the time of the incident and was reported immed to the board.

    As soon as I've heard of it, i forced myself to resign immediately from my post and waited to hear from BRN. It was a gruelling long year and have not heard from them until dec 2001 where i was told i'd be investigated. Thankfully the investigation came out well and as far as the investigator's report, i did what is expected of me.

    To this date, i still am without license. The enforcement officer whom i had the chance to speak with told me that they have not yet looked into the investigator's report and that they don't have a timetable when they'll look into the matter.

    As much as i love the profession, nursing, i am also honest enough to say that it is my bread and butter and having been away in the profession that long is stretching my finances to the point of breaking. Please help!
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    Call your local bar association and ask them for names of nurse attorneys in your area. The first visit is usually free and he/she can advise you from there. Good luck!