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  1. Last week, I was stung by, I believe, a bee. (I was stung. I pulled the stinger out. Or I thought I did. I think the offender was a bee, but it was yellow/black-striped and we have at least 3 flying bugs around here that are yellow/black-striped.) Anyway, I think it's infected. It's very itchy. The area is a red and inflamed and there is a clear line of demarcation around the area, a white "ring" if you will. I'm going to see the NP at our Employee Health clinic on Monday. In the meantime, I am miserable, but only because of the itching. There's no pain.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Monday is a holiday, so your employee health dept will not be open. Suggest that you follow up with a provider before then if you believe it is infected.

    We are unable to diagnose over the computer, and are unable to offer medical advice here.

    If infected, it is only going to get worse.