Nonviolent, joyful, protest to Admire our fellow nurses - page 2

Remember those caps we used to have to wear twenty years ago? How outdated they are, and were, even back then? Nurses knew they were impractical, subservient, and even dangerous (re infection... Read More

  1. by   Gardengal
    I just cleaned out my attic last month ad found my original nursing cap in the circular, plastic zipped carrier and wondered why I still have it. It's kind of yellow and kind of crushed and wilted, but I guess that would be appropriate for this use. i feel kind of crushed and wilted at times too.

    This could be an idea that would generate a thoughtful response. As a manager I could participate in this and also not have to react negatively if this happened in the work place.

    Actually it could be a collective statement of staff and administration. The theme could include something along the lines of "Everyone knows the historic image of a nurse, have you thought about the present and the future?"

    I think you've got an idea there. It could be really effective if well advertised and many participated. Then, I could throw away that yellowed piece of history that I put back in the attic.
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