no clue of how to begin to get involved in nursing

  1. Im EXTREMELY confused of what to do in terms of applying and getting into a nursing program and i would really appreciate some advice/help.

    I graduated high school last year and have begun taking some pre-requisite course for a nursing program but yesterday i spoke with my counselor and got completely confused regarding vocational nursing,LVN/ADN transitioning, and BSN programs. Im attending galveston college at the moment and i would love to ultimately become A nurse practiotioner but i really have no idea of where to begin. My initial idea was to take pre-requisite corses at Galveston College and transfer into the BSN program at UTMB but now im not sure if i can even do that. I would love to get some advice of how to enroll in nursing programs or what type of nursing programs i would need to be a part of in order to achieve my goal of becoming a practitioner.

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    Well if you want to get your Bachelors in Nursing you have to apply to a 4 year college that offers nursing as a major. Usually that involves 2 years prerequisites and then application to the major (clinicals). Then once your in clinicals your in there for 2 years or so and you graduate. I am not sure what you mean by you dont know how to get involved with nursing but hope I helped:-)
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    Im EXTREMELY confused ... yesterday i spoke with my counselor and got completely confused regarding vocational nursing,LVN/ADN transitioning, and BSN programs.
    Go to the nursing office at the university you want to transfer to. Talk to the secretary in the office. Ask for the "TRANSFER GRID" or whatever they may call it. It's a form with community college courses that meet the University's Nursing pre-requisites. Also ask if the nursing program host information sessions or "open house" for questions and answers. Write your questions down so you can speak to the presenter after the show if you don't have time during the presentation to get all your questions answered. BRING AN UNOFFICIAL COPY OF YOUR TRANSCRIPT to the information session. You might get lucky and actually speak to an administrator or nursing faculty!

    Don't waste your time with the counsellors at the community college. They are there to funnel half-wits into the liberal arts programs. (full disclosure: I was one of those half-wits.) Only talk to the secretary behind the desk. The secretary is the only person in the counselling office who knows her ass from her elbow, at least that's how it was at my lower-division school. The next time you go in to the CC counsellors office, ask the secretary at the desk if your state has an online course equivalency website. Here in California we call it:

    You plug your current school in at one end and your transfer school at the other and select a Major. It should bring up all the courses that transfer from one school to the other. This is what I did and I was able to complete not only my pre-reqs but several first year courses prior to beginning the nursing program. Good luck!

    Hope this helps.