Nine Months. . . .

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I've been working on a Medical/Surgical/Telemetry floor for the past nine months following graduation. Am heavily into computers/internet and telecommunications, looking towards my next step.

    Will a full year of Medical Surgical experience be sufficient "background" to go into consulting as a nurse?

    I'm consulting at the moment ( an have a nationwide nurse directory online (

    Debating on spending more time on the floors (I would miss the patient contact) or devoting more time to the consulting.

    Thanks for any feedback. . .

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  3. by   colear
    You have to go where your heart takes you. I have seen your work on various nursing internet sites, and it is clear you have a gift! I understand your reluctance to leave the bedside, but perhaps there is a way you can pursue your passion for telecommunications, and continue to work per diem when you can. That's what's good about this profession, you are free to pursue other interests, and still be connected to patients, and other professionals in the field. Perhaps spend time with a career counselor. A friend of mine had good experience with one when she was troubled about changing career paths. Good luck.

    Colleen O'Leary-Kelley
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  4. by   pjpj
    Sometimes losing touch with the patients puts out your passion fire...