Night's or Day's?

  1. What do you prefer? Night or Day Shift?

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    • Night's

      63.89% 23
    • Day's

      36.11% 13
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  4. by   SCRN1
    I prefer my night shifts for several reasons:

    1. I HATE getting up early in the morning.

    2. It allows me to arrange my sleep during the day if my kids have something going on at school I'd like to attend.

    3. Even if I am sleeping, it allows for an adult to be home when the kids are out of school or staying home sick. (They're old enough to stay by themselves - 14 & 16.)

    4. The advantage of having less night staff is that you don't have as hard a time getting to a computer or chart. (Disadvantage is bigger patient load, less techs & no secretary, so we have to put in all our own orders.)
  5. by   Chaya
    Evenings (does that count as one or the other?)