Night Shifters!!!!

  1. Does anyone here head for a workout after their shift?

    I need motivation to start working out!
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  3. by   FNimuaeMae
    I'm usually dragging my arse way too much after a 12 hr shift (or 13, or 14 hr) to get there, but some of my coworkers do it. Its just hard when you have a long commute and need to get back in 12 or less hours. Some people try getting up early before their shift...I don't do so well with that either.:spin:

  4. by   TheCommuter
    When I worked nights, I would exercise at the health club a couple of hours before my shift began. I would take a shower and change into my work clothes in the health club's locker room, and then drive to work.

    You know what? Studies supposedly reveal that night shift workers are in worse health than the overall population. However, during the years that I worked nights, I was in the very best health of my life. Good luck!

    P.S. I could never fall asleep if I attempted to exercise after my shift ended.
  5. by   CSHRN
    I wish I could exercise but I am way too tired. Even on my days off, there is a "leftover" tiredness that doesn't leave and makes it difficult to get up and go running. I had two weeks off a few weeks ago, the longest time off since I've been in nursing and switched back to a normal sleeping cycle and had more energy than I've had in two years.