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I am starting the night shift in a couple weeks. Can anyone recommend some earplugs, etc that I can buy online. Any other suggestions for sleeping during the day would be greatly appreciated. ... Read More

  1. by   tiggerforhim
    The TempurPedic Eye pillow from Brookstone (and I'm not sure where else). It's that foam that conforms to your body contours with body heat. It has a sort of pouch/pillow under the lower lid that presses into your face and shuts out most of the light coming up your nose, which is a big problem with the little flat pads. It is about 35 dollars or so, but it is darn worth it to get a good night's sleep in the "dark". They work well for migraines too!
  2. by   PJMommy
    Quote from rnmi2004
    I am a new RN grad who just accepted a med-surg position, and although I'll have a 5-month orientation on days, once I am done with that I will be on 7p-7a 3x/week. I have 3 elementary school age children and I don't see how I can stay on a night shift schedule & keep up with their lives, esp. when I have a weekend off.

    I appreciate all the tips I've read so far. I'd be interested in hearing from others who work nights & rearrange their sleeping schedule on days off.

    I've worked nights for nearly a year now and also have four children - ranging from preschool to middle school.

    It took me about 6 weeks to get into a groove but I actually do what everyone says not to do -- I sleep during the day when I work and keep a "normal" schedule when I'm not working. The key for me is to schedule my shifts all in a row. We work 12s so I always schedule all three shifts in a row. I nap with the 3 yr old the afternoon of my first shift (while the others are in school). After my last shift, I sleep all day and then get up around 3 PM -- absolutely no caffeine that evening -- and then go to bed at a reasonably normal time. After trial and error, I can tell you what does NOT work: Don't try to get up "early" after that last shift and expect feel good or be at all productive.

    I love the night shift and, to a lot of people's surprise, it works at really well with having kiddos. I am home to pack them off to school in the morning. I'm home to help with homework, get dinner, etc. in the afternoon/early evening. If I were working 12 hr days - I'd be gone long before they woke up, they'd come home to an empty house, and I'd only get home in the evening in time to tuck them into bed.