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Hi everyone, new LVN here. Been working about 4 months now. I work in and acute care hospital on Med-surg. Came into work yesterday and had a patient that had a CVA, He was on NG tube feedings and... Read More

  1. by   pattycakeRN
    Quote from RedCell
    I never stopped the TF until the patient spiked a fever! Seriously though, I believe the gold standard is to verify NG placement with gastric pH testing. I realize this is not available in all institutions. The craziest thing I have ever seen is a dude with a cribriform plate fracture who got a pneumocephalus and croaked from having an NG tube curled up in his frontal lobe after the nurse checked for placement with a 30cc air bolus. Made out to be a really cool skull X-ray.
    Whaaaat? I googled that to find an example, and has apparently happened enough to have many a journal article written on the subject.
    On that note, I wanna see!
  2. by   Tristan Young
    good for you to check... MY instructor is super anal about checking placement just for this reason...

    I was taught there are 5 methods

    1. check the marking on the tube
    2. air bolus
    3. gastric aspirate
    4. litmus paper test (gastric PH)
    5. last but not least clinical judgment

    (what does your site policy say?)

    And always chart that you confirmed placement! Aren't you Glad you didn't take short cut? I see allot of RN not confriming placement on there primary assessment. My instructor said its their poor practice and they are jeopardize pt. safety and their licence