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  1. Hi, I am 18 and decided to go to rn school. I am very excited about my decision. Is there any advice that can be offered?
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  3. by   sharann
    Well, since you asked for advice....ha ha.
    Seriously,I have to say that I commend you for knowing so young what you want to do with your life.You may have noticed much negativity lately here and in the media about nursing,but I think the fact is many of us stay in it because we truly love it.The work is hard and dirty sometimes.You need a strong stomach and a big mouth.Our main focus is that of the best interests of our patients.You have to be in this field for reasons other that money.The money is not bad(could be better)but if that is your sole reason,I would recommend pursuing another proffession.Schoool is tough but we all made it through.I recommend you work only part-time if at all your first year at least if you can.There's alot of reading.There are so many options available to nuses that you will eventually find your "niche".I'm thrilled to hear that there are still young women who desire to be in nursing.Good luck and welcome!
  4. by   chrn
    Welcome to nursing!
    I think more so than many professions, in nursing you never quit learning. Every day is different-every single day! That may sound exciting (as it is most days) but sometimes you will just think "when am I going to be so good at this that I can just coast through a day?". Hopefully you will only feel that way occasionally. A positive attitude will be hard to maintain some days but will always be your best defense against burnout. Recognize and acknowledge burnout. It's serious, like depression. Try to keep your options open for tough times, like dropping down to part time for a while. That may keep you from quitting a good job. Good luck, all of us "veterans" are hoping there will be nurses for us when we get old and need someone to care for us.
  5. by   StaceRacer1
    HEY---Welcome aboard!!!

    Get ready for a bumpy yet rewarding ride.

    Read the following poem below and if this sounds like something you would like to do then....GO FOR IT!!!!
    I dreamed of being a RN at the age 16. I did it!!!! So can you, if you hold strong and stick to your dreams.

    Being a Nurse Means:

    You will never be bored.
    You will always be fustrated.
    You will always be surrounded by challenges.
    So much to do and so little time.
    You will carry immense responsiblity and never little authority.
    You will step into peoples lives
    and you will make a difference.
    Some will bless you.
    Some will curse you.
    You will see people at their worst...
    and their best.
    You will never cease to be amazed
    at peoples capacity for
    love, courage, and endurance.
    You will see life begin...and end.
    You will experience resounding triumphs
    and devastating failures.
    You will cry a lot.
    You will laugh a lot.
    You will know what it is to be human
    and to be humane.

    -author-Melodie Chevenvert
    Good luck!!!!
    Now you need to start to think about what school or program to go to!!!