New school called LIFE-V-TEC

  1. Do anyone know about this new school?It has LVN program, and it's located in houston.(Southwest area}Can someone please help me, because i'm looking forward to go there?I'm not sure if it's accredited or not!your help is greatly appreciated
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  3. by   txtoast
    Hi, I visited this school and talked to a person there. It sounds good but not sure if it accredited. Also could not find any info on the net about them. I'm leaning towards fraude but only time will tell.
  4. by   ladycool
    You have their physcial address or their phone #. Please share it.

  5. by   chanel1
    The address is 7111 Harwin drive,
    Houston,Tx 77036.
    the # is them they will set up an appointment with you.
  6. by   TazziRN
    Your BON website should have a list of accredited schools, or you can call the school directly and ask them. There are only two possible answers, don't let them run you around the bush: yes or no. Some schools will try to say that accreditation is pending, and turns out it's been pending for years because they can't get their acts together.
  7. by   ladycool
    Girl, thank you so much for the address and the phone #.
  8. by   Twizzlers
    I have visited the school in Houston. To answer your question regarding accreditation. They are not. They are a private institution. It is private pay. They will offer a payment plan if you are unable to pay the entire amount. The community and universities have the monolopy on nursing schools. It is extremely difficult to get accreditation. I don't understand why the are trying to keep nursing education exclusive to the colleges only. Right now some schools have over 1000 applicants and they will only accept 350 to 400 students. And we wonder why there is such a nursing shortage!
  9. by   1soon2brn
    Do you know of anyone that is attending or thinking of? I've tried googling the name and cant come up with anything.
  10. by   abashed
    Hi , has any one completed the l.v.n program in the life-v-tec institution in houston tx? if so please tell me if he or she suceeded in evaluating the certificate.I was told the institution offers international corespondece program for the l.v.n and after which you need to evaluate the certificate,in that way you will be eligible to take the nclex-l.v.n board exam. in the states.I also gathered that clinicals will be done in the caribean islands.Please i need to know if any body has suceeded here in the states both in evaluating the certificate and also in taking the board exams.
  11. by   kahill
    I called there yesterday and talked with a gentlman that told me that they only do "tutorials"... He would not tell me as to what subjects or generalized area of tutorial... He referred me to another number in the company inwhich a woman told me that they are not open, no classes are scheduled and she does not know when there will be another class.. She told me they are currently taking names and deposits for a class that may begin when ever... This sounds very strange to me, I do believe that they are definitaly not legitimate, unaccredited and have been closed down by the state... Hope this helps out...
  12. by   abashed
    Thank you so much.I have forgotten about the school long time ago.Right now, I am taking prerequisites courses for the R.N program.