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Okay, I am sitting here this morning trying desperately to decide what to do.....I left my per diem position in ICU because I was not getting hours and was always floated to other areas. I accepted... Read More

  1. by   moia
    I would call the manager and ask for a sit down meeting.
    Sometimes...very rarely mind you..a nurse comes along that just really rocks..they know their stuff, they are great to work with, they can take a charge role and they have extra skills like balloon pump or CVVHD or ACLS and the manager will bend for them to keep them there.
    If you think you are that nurse call the manager have a sit down and tell her your tale of woe.
    On the other hand if you aren't...what part of nights is not working?
    do you do twelves?
    can you put you shifts together?
    Can you just do 3 shifts a week only?
    Float a few suggestions past the manager until the day shift job opens up.
    I would also have a husband sit down...
    You need to define WHY you are at work full time
    Hard questions I know
    My husband and I sat down and did a cost/benefit thing and it worked out to me going to work full time for money and benefits and him staying home far it's been bumpy here and there but its working out.
    You have to look at everything..gas,lunch money,childcare,clothes,car insurance and on and on

    You would be pleasantly surprised at how accommadating people can be when you are willing to be flexible and bring them solutions; try to problem solve before going to the meeting with your supervisor...think of every possible solution that could make the schedule easier until a day job shows up...even offer to work less hours if you can afford to..throw it all out there. Even if the supervisor cant go for it you will be remembered positively as someone who was a real if another position opens up your resume might get a second look.
  2. by   LesJenRN
    I phoned the manager last night....we spoke and I was honest about my issue with night shift. She was so understanding and nonjudgemental about it. I was offered a day shift position in the unit this morning!!!!!! Wow, I didnt expect she would want anything to do with me after my change of heart!