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Hi guys, I'm a new kid added to the board. I love reading all of your questions and replies. You guys have been helpful in alot of ways. I'll be registering for school next month to become an RN. I... Read More

  1. by   lenawa
    i found while i was in nursing school, i got sick every 7 weeks like clockwork (our rotations were 7 weeks long). However, since i have started working and have stayed working in the same place, i might have had one cold/flu in a year and a half. your immunity really does start to build up. i also think that your stress levels have a lot to do with your immunity, hopefully you can find an outlet for your stress and stay healthier than i did in training!
  2. by   Disablednurse
    Welcome to both of you, glad to have you aboard. Nursing is a wonderful field to go into with so many opportunities.
  3. by   shudokan-RN
    welcome to both of you, youre going to really enjoy this board