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  1. hello to all! I just stumbled apon this site and am so pleased!!!! My name is Joy and I have been in the health care industry for many years. Therein lyes my problem. I lost my r.n. licensure several years ago for an Indefinate lenght of time. I have been trying to contact someone,anyone who might know where I degin to address the issue of reactivation. I have been told to consult w/ an attorney that deals w/DPR. Does anyone have any information or direction for me? I would be truley gratefull. thanks. joy
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  3. by   SnowymtnRN
    Well it depends on the state you are in of course, but i'd start with your Board of Nursing. Call them, see what they say as far as losing your license and reapplication for licensure and take it from there. Good luck! I'm not sure why you lost it, that may have direct bearing on the issue tho. HTH!