New Journey towards Nursing 2019

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    Worked my way up in HR management but decided to drop it all to pursue my passion!

    New Journey towards Nursing 2019

    This is my very first blog by the way. So please bear with me. I just decided to share my story/journey. I will continuously blog as I am going through my new journey towards nursing. So if you like my blog or story please comment and feel free to share your thoughts and experiences towards nursing. Or if you have already gone through the journey of nursing feel free to share your experiences. The point of this blog is to send out positive vibes and to connect with others that have similar experiences or have positive thoughts.

    Ok, so over 11 years ago, I was a first-generation student so passionate about getting an education and being a remodel for others. I had the desire to pursue a business degree and then eventually get my RN license and that would be that. At the time I figured I could combine the two and perhaps become a charge nurse one day. The thing that really drove me into the field was when I lost my grandma from congestive heart failure. I loved how the nurses treated her and the act of compassion that was illustrated shifted the way I viewed nursing forever.

    However, life took its course and my life went a different direction. Although I had my heart on getting into a nursing program I decided to work on the business side. Eventually, I obtained my BS degree in Healthcare Administration and landed a job as an HR Clerk. This job was amazing. Some may say "all that work for a clerk job" but no, it was amazing. I worked at a skilled nursing retirement community and was promoted within two months to an HR Coordinator. Finally, I realized I wanted more but had a challenging time leaving the job as I had grown close to the residents'. Eventually, I was offered an HR Management opportunity at a National Park for a company that works on a contract basis. I decided to take it and went completely out of the healthcare industry.

    Although I had grown so much professionally, I didn't feel fulfilled in my life. Working at a National Park alone helps you to get in touch with your inner self. I found myself often meditating and just feeling more connected to myself. But probably since there was no cell phone signal and very limited wifi access. I have Verizon and this didn't even work but for some reason, I continued to pay the bill. So I guess everything happens for a reason, right?! Besides the connection to myself, I knew that I was dying internally and professionally. I wasn't passionate at all with the work that I did. So this caused me to go through a lot of depression and so on. I decided to put in a one month's notice and yes, I left on good terms to pursue nursing. Walking away from a salaried job is not easy and knowing that I will have to start over was a tough decision. But I know it was the best decision of my life. I will admit I walked away from a good opportunity but it for something even greater (nursing).

    The point of this blog is to tell anyone out there that has any doubts...PLEASE NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM! No matter what obstacles come your way just keep going!

    I know many out there like myself are starting over or have had doubt and fear along the way but just keep your eye on the prize. I know this journey is not going to be easy but if my reason for nursing is stronger than my circumstances, I will succeed. And you will too!!
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  3. by   Endo nurse
    Good Luck! Nursing can be rewarding and there are many opportunities. I hope you find your happiness.
  4. by   crpinion
    I am embarking on the same journey! I have wanted to go to Nursing School since 1998 and for one reason or another I was unable to do so. Three kids, a husband, and almost 20 years later I am finally doing it! I start in two and a half weeks and cannot wait for 2019 to come and be done!
  5. by   Destined4Nursing 2019
    Thank you very much, Endo Nurse. I really appreciate it! I wish you the very best as well<3

    I appreciate the support!
  6. by   Destined4Nursing 2019
    Crpinion, I know exactly how you feel.
    You should totally go for it doll. I am currently working on the pre-nursing portion but I realize this is going to be a long process. I don't have any kids but I am married and I have a lot of respect for the mothers that can do school and children. This may be a long journey but totally worth it and building a network of support is vital! Keep in touch on your journey<3 Best wishes to you!