New graduate resume feedback

  1. Professional Summary
    Newly graduated Licensed Practical Nurse seeking a challenging and responsible position in the nursing field to expand my knowledge and experience, while using my current skill set and experiences to positively impact the lives of others.

    Core Qualifications
    Good judgment and decision making skills.
    Effective time management, ability to multi-task and prioritize.
    Conflict resolution/problem solving skills.
    Quick learner – ability to learn new nursing methods and quick understanding of equipment and applications.
    Able to work independently, as well as part of a team.
    Superior communication skills.
    Highly motivated and dedicated.
    Excellent customer service and quality patient care.

    January 2005 to October 2014
    JetBlue Airways JFK Airport, NY
    Flight Attendant
    Provide information, guidance, and assistance for safety and comfort to passengers on board aircraft
    Conduct safety checks before flight
    Greet customers, check their tickets and accompany them to their seats
    Prepare and serve drinks and food to passengers
    Present emergency equipment and give instructions
    Monitor and secure the cabin regularly
    Comply with all aviation rules and regulations for safety and protection
    Assist passengers and cabin crew during emergency situations
    Provide special help to passengers with special needs (children, disabled persons, elders etc)
    Submit analytic reports concerning flight incidents

    VEEB Nassau County School of Practical Nursing Hicksville, NY 2016
    Certificate Practical Nursing
    2016 Valedictorian
    2016 Honor Holl
    Class President - Student Government

    Queensborough Community College Bayside, NY
    2015 - The Dr. Irmgard F. Karle Chemistry Scholarship Award Winner
    2015 - Annual Honor's Conference Participant

    Professional Affiliations
    NFLPN - National Federation of Licensed Professional Nurses
    NALPN - National Association of Licensed Professional Nurses
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  3. by   MaureenPaul
    I've been struggling with putting together my resume for my upcoming job hunt. I was hoping for some feedback on what I have so far. This is not what it looks like exactly. I was unable to copy it into the forum correctly. Just looking for advice/criticism for the wording/content. Thank you!!!
  4. by   llg
    The first 2 sections seem pretty useless to me. They say nothing specific about you that all job seekers don't say. Everyone says those things -- and most people lie. So I would eliminate them both.

    After having a heading at the top that lists your name, contact information, etc. .... I would lead with your education. That's where you have information about yourself that helps you stand out as being a "star" performer. So you want to highlight your great performance as a student, not bury it in the middle. If there is something interesting to say, you might want to state a very brief summary of what being Class President entailed. If there is nothing interesting to say there, don't add it. Add any special experiences you had in school that relate directly to the job you are applying for.

    Then list all of your previous work experience. See if you can condense some of the Flight Attendant things -- but highlight the fact that Attendants are responsible for a lot of things related to safety and security. (i.e. Showing people to their seats is not something that needs to be included. But doing things like safety checks, complying with safety regulations, being prepared to assist in emergencies, etc. ... These are things that remind the reader how much we depend on the Attendants to protect fliers.)

    Your resume will be short, but that's OK. You don't have much experience. Combine it with a cover letter that links you to the job you are applying for -- why the job interests you, any special reasons you have for wanting the job, etc.

    Good luck
  5. by   NICUismylife
    Super wordy. I would remove the entire "core qualifications" section. All of that is expected, there is nothing in there that makes you stand out from anyone else. Now, if you have any special certifications or anything, you could list those.

    See if you can shorten your responsibilities as a flight attendant as well. I think you could fit a lot of that under "provided customer service" The hiring manager at the hospital isn't going to care that you served beverages, escorted people to their seats, answered questions, etc.

    Good luck!
  6. by   MaureenPaul
    Thank you both!! I really appreciate your feedback!