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  1. I'm a sophomore nursing student and really want to work in pediatrics when I graduate. I've looked around and a lot of jobs in peds want experienced nurses. Is it possible/likely to get a RN peds job in a hospital right after college?
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  3. by   lgowan
    I was just telling gabby2000 to precept her last quarter/semester in the hospital she wants to work at in the area she wants. Build a relationship with the staff and dig in. You should be able on their recommendation to go into that area. Be assertive! It helps!

  4. by   BeachNurse
    I worked in Peds. right after graduation! Everyone advised me to do the Med/Surg thing, but I had no desire to work with adults. I ended up getting a preceptorship on a peds unit for my last clinical rotation, and they hired me before I even graduated because they had already seen my work. It was ideal..I was already familiar with the unit and their SOP's. Great for a first job! Try to get a peds preceptorship..ask your advisor about it, show a lot of interest!