new graduate cover letter help needed thanks!!

  1. I am searching around for some sample RN cover letters, but I am not having much luck since they do not apply to my situation. I graduated and passed my boards, but feel my resume and cover letter may be hurting me when compared with others desiring the same position. I graduated at 23, and all my jobs were in retail before I entered nursing school, therefore not pertinent to nursing. I have absolutely no medical background, and would appreciate if I could get a turn in the right direction regarding how to fix up my resume and cover letter despite this. Thanks for any advice!
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  3. by   gagezoie
    What are some of the things you had a lot of experience doing in clinical. (I.V's, injections, charting, etc) What do you feel comfortable doing on your own or with little guidance. Are you good at organizing and staying on task. Do you have any certifications (BLS, ACLS, PALS, Adult/Child abuse training) Are you a hard worker, excited about learning? Just about any experience will work. You are a new grad and employers know you have little experience. Hope this helps. Good luck in your job search.:spin:
  4. by   txpixiedust
    I bought a great Nursing book that had sample resumes and cover letters. Look for one at a Half-Price book store, you'll likely find one there.

    What it suggested was to have an Educational Experience section and a Professional Experience section and a Volunteer section if you've done any volunteering - especially if medical (flu vaccinations, teaching CPR, etc). In the Educational section, have 2 sub sections for clinical information - one for your Role Transition and the other for your entire nursing clinical experience. List the names of the hospitals and then in one paragraph list all the things you did as a SN. In the Professional section, list all your retail jobs individually. Stress the managerial and customer service aspects of each job you list. Nursing has become more "customer-service" oriented in recent years.

    In your Cover letter say something like....

    I have recently graduated with _____ in Nursing from ____ College where I was blessed to _______ (have a role transition in XXXspecialty or experience XXXspecialty during my clinicals, etc.) I would love (or it's been a lifelong dream, etc) to work as a Nurse in XXXXX area.

    Additional qualifications I can offer you are ______(something about your customer service skills, communication, computer knowledge, etc.)

    The enclosed resume highlights my professional experience and credentials and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you. I am available for an interview at your convenience.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Good Luck & God Bless!