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  1. hospital or nursing homes which one good for newly graduated nurses.what is the difference in these two facilities.pls share your opinions.iam very appreciate for your replies.i am newly graduate nurse in ny.
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  3. by   Shuffler
    From what I've heard, the pace at a nursing home is a lot slower than your typical city hospital med-surg environment. You may want to consider how fast-paced you want your first job to be.
  4. by   CaLLaCoDe
    :caduceus: Really like working faster pace right now since I graduated about a year and a half ago...Knew of a prison nurse (slow paced like LTC) who lost a lot of his understanding of hospital nursing since he'd been away from it...SCARRY!

    Good luck, congradulations I pray you'll pass the boards quick and easy!

    PS. Have a lot of respect for LTC nurses; my best most compassionate nursing instructer worked LTC...she knew nursing like the back of her temperature savvy hand.

    Aside*** thought of new term to call a nurse who starts out in ICU gets tired way way tired, moves up to medsurge and later finds the perfect LTC her/him a FULL SPECTRUM NURSE
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