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  1. Hi there!!
    I'm in my 5th semester in the RN program...yaay, & I was wondering a little bit about what types of issues & problems new grads experience out there in the "real nursing world" ie. how to not become burned out, ways to deal with bosses, co-workers, & other stressor etc.
    Do nurses really "eat their young"???
    It's not that I doubting my choice to become a nurse, quite the opposite. Just curious about what others before me has experienced.
    I really appreciate any kind of answers!!
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  3. by   iamme457
    Important things to aquire include assessment skills, proper and accurate documentation, know what the medication or treatment is and what it is supposed to do for this patient. Ask questions when you dont know something, but try to look up the answers yourself first.
    You are going to encounter some very unhappy nurses out there. Try to offer a smile, and ask how you can help them so they will have time to assist you. When you are orienting with someone, even if you were taught a little different way of doing something, watch and learn. In the medical field there are numerous "correct" ways of doing most everything. After your orientation you can form your own style and way of doing things. During orientation, if you start in a hospital; go to inservices, watch an autopsy, attend medical grand rounds if it is acceptable in the facility you are working in. If you start your career in long term care, attend careplanning meetings, ask to assist the RNAC with paperwork, spend a little time with the medical records person;(that is usually who does the QA on the charting). This will help you get to know this facility a little better.
    Good luck and enjoy this career, it will be an ongoing learning experience if you approach it in that manner.