New Grad RN former LPN Thinking WHAT HAVE I DONE?

  1. Maybe there are some individuals out there with a similar back ground or you know from experience with someone else what I have found myself involved in and now have some unique delimas and doubts I feel that I need some experienced advisement and "mentoring". I have been a nurse foor over 15 years and I decided to go back to school to advance my education and just feel I had fulfilled something for myself. I had planned that once I had graduated that I would leave the nursing home business at least for a while as I wanted to learn more and experience new avenues. I found myself at the end of the program choosing to stay at least a little while with my employer and was encouraged to apply for a newly vacated position in a directorship/manager position. I felt well this is a very excellent opportunity in a home that is large enough to gains some valuable experience but small enough as well as the fact that it is a "mom and pop" establishment small enough to feel I would get the guidance etc... to truely make the most of the opportunity. I had always felt really good in this place and no I dont claim to be nearly the model employee but I did for once establish an expectation that should we agree that I fill this position that I would receive the help and guidance to perform the job to their expectations. Now, I find myself very confused and second guessing myself frequently because some oversights, etc.... related to lack of experiennce and getting a true routine for making certain that the important priority responsiblities are complete I would get " as long as you have been here and been a nurse you should know how to do this" " you know your stuff and you are a really good nurse you just need to relax and trust yourself". Then I have a new problem brought to me to handle. I felt I could document this without assistance and when I reached the points that I felt now I need help to finish this task. I take it to the DON and well she doesnt respond as I thought and really made me feel pretty bad because it was not the way we document things around here and critisizes me for taking on to much responsibility without coming to her prior to initiating what I have heard in both rounds of nursing schools, at CE programs, and from watching a former coworker go through criminal and civil problems becauseof due to there was not detailed documentation stating what was done once a problem was discovered. Needless to say I find myself really wondering have I took on a lot more than I should have? Despite a not so spotless work history that I am truely greatful for past acts of patients and forgiveness shouldnt I still expect to be guided and clued in on items that will be my responsibilities in the future and be given an opportunity to be "new" despite how long I have worked for her family and how long I was an LPN. I believe still that LPN's are not respected for the experience and education that makes them as valuable as an RNin handeling quality care. Regardless I find myself wnating to bea valuable member of a team that I realise my mistakes and can say I am wrong but I wonder would I be better off leaving a position I lack the experience to truely do what is so very important and maybe leave where I have friends and a history to enter maybe a facility where I am aloud to be an entry level new RN and receive budiance and not mixed signals as well as realise that from appearances my background and furthered education is something whetherintentional or not is used to fit thier expectations in eachsituation..... somehow I answer it for myself but it is not easy knowing what is the most right choice?:angryfire AND yeah I know it is run on after run onbut now I cant delete it...LOL
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  3. by   Avelinne
    The wonderful thing about Nursing is that there is a huge demand for the experience that you have. This one facility might not meet your needs anymore now that you know better. It sounds like it may be time to move on. Just my thinkin.......Hope this helps,
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    Thanks.... I feel that it is reaching that point and maybe it already has. I think maybe seeing how others might respond to a similar situation to evaluate my reactions or thoughts about how I should appropriately and professionally make a decision and to see if maybe I have been looking at it in the wrong way or being ungreatful. Thanks again