New grad in a ER, need advise!

  1. I'm a new grad RN who just got hired in an Emergency Department, I signed a two-year contract and am just in disbelief with how unorganized my hospital is and I am dreading how I'm going to get through the end of my contract. Here's the problem, my unit does not have a director, but a "Assistant Director"/"Clinical Supervisor" who has less than 2 years experience as a nurse. I have been on the floor for about 4 weeks, and after not having a clear schedule and him tossing me from preceptor to preceptor he finally assigns me to two permanent preceptors who I alternate with every week. One of my preceptors is amazing and she teaches me and after each shift I feel as if we're a team and she will double check my documentation and comment on areas that need improvement, however when I am with my other preceptor, he is easily frustrated with me, he will not teach me anything, and basically uses me to clean his beds, do his EKGs, and discharge his patients. I cant help but to feel that he uses me to get through his day rather than teach me the things I am going to need to know. Not only that, but when he disappears, I am assessing, administering meds, and discharging patients as instructed by him, without any real help. This makes me worry that even though I am licensed, I only have 3-4 weeks experience and I don't know if I am practicing out of my scope as a new grad RN. Not only does this make me uneasy and I feel puts my license at risk, but my "Assistant Director" is never in his office, and when he his the door is locked and he's busy. I am thinking I am going to talk to my director to assign me a new preceptor, but I feel a bit apprehensive complaining about one of his employees when I am new to the floor. I need advise, am I being whiney and I'm just not cut out for the ER, or am I correct to feel that my preceptor and assistant director are failing me as an orientee, in any case, how should I handle this situation?

    ps; the other day, he left me with a patient who had just came in for antibiotic treatment and was waiting for 4 hours, her BP was low and and I brought to his attention, but he told me just to document it, administer the meds, and discharge her. The pt appeared to be stable and stated that has been her baseline BP for the pass 5 months, when it came time to discharge her, she had her head down and stated she didn't feel good, I immediately reported it to my preceptor and the charge nurse who then assigned her a bed in the ER right away, my preceptor then told me in private that it was my duty to report her BP to the doctor even though I reported the assessment to him when she first entered the ER, and then again when she began to feel ill. Turns out the patients blood sugar has dropped and nothing happened to her, but if it had turn out to be worse, I'm sure he would have stuck me with the blame. I'm not sure how to handle this situation and dread my work days with him.
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Rather than talk to the boss, who it seems is unavailable, why not talk to the good preceptor and ask her advice. She's probably far more able to point you in the right direction that the inexperienced boss anyway. And she might be able to go to the boss on your behalf to get you a second preceptor who is more of a teacher. I've done that for my orientees on several occasion with good success. Much better success, actually, than if the request comes from the orientee.