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Hello all---a lovely cloudy day to you...( as it is here in detroit...blegh) ok I, well i have actually posted about this earlier, and obviously it's a bug in my arse. I... Read More

  1. by   joyrochelle
    that is very true, fergus....just wanted some input....thanks!
  2. by   joyrochelle
    well, got the fated call this am....nurse recruiter states that they do not and have never had a new grad orientation, which isn't true. My friend graduated last year and got in there w/ 1 other new grad, and same for the year prior.
    I feel pretty slighted, y'all. I mean, I guess it's better this way cuz apparently that NM doesn't want me on her unit. And that steams me cuz she's the one who has been rude and snotty and basically a beetch to me, in fact made me really wonder if I wanted to be in the class of APN's after watching her mannerisms.

    It wasn't meant to be I guess. SO i keep on keepin' on!

    and on to a greater education and lower stress workplace....
  3. by   fergus51
    Well, hopefully the day will come that the NM will get a house dropped on her, and you can move to HROB with a supportive group!
  4. by   joyrochelle