1. I realize this is off the subject but------- has anyone down-loaded the new AOL 7.0 and if so have you had any problems and do you find any advantage to the new version?

    Any in-put would be appreciated.

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  3. by   MRed94
    I did, no problems so far, but not been able to detect too many new things that I will use.

    Might not be worth the trouble.

  4. by   thisnurse
    i dont have aol but i can tell you what my "rules" are for adding a new browser.
    first of the browser you are using working or do you need a new browser?
    -how big is the file size of the new browser?
    is it really worth the download?
    -go to
    if they have this download available they will also have user reviews. look at the bad first. lots of ppl who are familiar with computers post their opinions but then look at the good reviews to get a more balanced picture.
    i am using netscape 4.0 still. its smaller than the new version and its very stable, much more stable than the newer versions.
    i also have the newest internet explorer but it keeps crashing my comp for some reason.

    i dunno....thats just what i do
  5. by   puzzler
    Thank you both for your replies. I appreciate the site. I had not found that one.

    Thanks again
    We just downloaded it last night. I haven't seen anything completely wonderful yet. I just have to get used to the subtle differences. I do like that instead of going through "My Favorites" everytime, I can add a couple of things directly to the toolbar thingie at the top of the page. Just click & drag the heart.

    As for all of the things they were boasting that were better (quicker sign on & download time) we have a cable modem, so we've been enjoying those things for awhile.

    I really didn't see the need in downloading it, but my husband wanted it. He doesn't even use AOL, but you know men...

    It's gotta be newer, bigger, better, & shinier or they don't want it!

  7. by   RNPD
    Don't see any features that are better-I don't listen to music online, etc. Heather, you could always drag the heart to add something to your favorite list; am I missing something new?

    As far as 7.0-it's as slow & frustrating as ever!!
  8. by   RazzmaStaaz
    I feel for you, my hubby's favorite line " ya can't be a cowboy without the suit". And the line after that is " I didn't have one !"'

  9. by   Totone656
    From what I can see on the new 7.0 is they have added a few features which Power Tools have had for years. I have not downloaded it yet because at 133 mhz processor I don't need anything to make me run any slower and I already run Power Tools with the "new features" 7.0 now has. Plus I don't listen to the radio at home, so why would I listen to it when I am online?

    I may consider it when AOL takes and sets up the IMs like Power Tools does, but until then I think I will just stick with AOL 6.0 and Power Tools 9.1.152. I really like the Power IMs of Power Tools. The IMs are tabbed one behind the other and I don't have to hit send or Cntrl and enter in an IM. It is great to have 5 IMs open under one window.