Never Give UP! - page 2

last october of 2005, i started an or program here in vancouver canada. i came into a situation where the instructor bullied me, criticized me, ignored me, laughed at me. it was a horrible 5.5 months... Read More

  1. by   wildmountainchild
    Please, please write that letter! And write your previous instuctor one while you're at it as well. She deserves to know that her negativity didn't keep you down.

    Can you talk w/ a lawyer about suing her for lost wages, not graduating the program, mental/emotional abuse? What she did to you was extreme to say the least and she should lose her liscense or be punished in some way.

    Talk to a lawyer, at least see what they have to say.
  2. by   Lady T
    Good luck!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to let you know that we both will be going in this jan. the 29th for me let's keep in contact and help each other as much as possible....
  3. by   suzanne4
    and i do hope that you have decided to stick with the or, i would be happy to work with you anyday.

    bullies have no business in the or, or even nursing for that matter.

    my hat is off to you for doing what you really wanted to do and not letting others get in your way.