1. i am just about to finish my placement in Special Care Baby unit. I raise my hat off to all those who work in that area. I'm pleased to say i have only two days to do and finish. It has only been a six week placement and its been the longest 6 weeks ever. It is a nice unit, staff are lovely but it is definately not for me. So well done to all those who work in this area you are well appreciated and you all do a very good job.
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  3. by   Jolie
    Thanks uk_nurse! I can't imagine working anywhere else. Similarly, my hat is off to all you brave souls who thrive on caring for adults!
  4. by   uk_nurse
    my hat is off to those working with adults too. I'm a paediatric student nurse but neonates is not my cup of tea, as though to speak. I prefer older children. I find handling premature babies very difficult specially those in NICU.