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  1. Hi. Im a BSN-RN graduate from the Philippines.My family and I will be migrating very soon to U.S. I really want to be a nurse but I never had the chance to work as one except right after I graduated in 1992 where I was a volunteer ER nurse. When I get to US I have all the intention of working but since I have been way out of line for "years" I really need your advice on what steps I can do to orient myself again and boost my confidence as well.Would you know of any course or
    refresher that I can join? I dont want to start working unprepared,nervous,afraid, know.I was informed that hospitals usually gives a month of orientation for new comers but still I want to have a background of what im going into..Would it be better for me to start working in a nursing home first or can I go right away to a hospital.Please help me answer these questions and fears in my mind. What I know for sure is that Im willing to learn and that I love nursing.
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    Sounds like you are on on the right track. Since you have never practiced as an independent clinician (I don't consider being a "volunteer nurse" adaquate experience) I would stronly encourage you to seek a refresher course. Take a look at what the community colleges or hospitals in your new area offer related to content. The course(s) should cover both theory
    and provide you with a clinical component. Why don't you post your question to the Nursing Educator's forum also to get feedback/suggestions on the optimum length of a refresher course.
    Good Luck!