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Today I had a student RN in year two. I myself only graduated in March last yr and have only been on this floor for two months. Its a mostly surgical floor, some medical. She took two pts., but... Read More

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    thank you for the post, I've just had my first student Rn, everyone I've trained was an RN after an extensive critical care program. She said she was afraid so many times I could have pulled my hair out! the deep breath on my part, I see a trached vent as a cake walk, she was freaking.... we stopped, set realistic goals for the night.... assessment and any basic skills she could get. so we assessed 4 ICU pt. went through each chart for h&P, looked at meds for the diagnosis, plan of care. Well she stated she was bored and wanted to learn about the equipment, and focus on skills.

    I'd stated that I can train a monkey to draw blood, shoot hemodnamics... but her roll was to understand what the information meant; re-review everything based on our numbers and change our plan of care... ie drips and what not. Deer in the headlights look, then "when can I draw blood"

    My response; you signed up for an ICU experience, lets focus on that and leave basic skills for another more appropriate clinical setting.

    and then I hear from my student..."If I'm not going to get to do everything why am I here?"..... Um, I responded critical care nurses spend more time researching, looking, measuring... trying to invent a problem and a solution and the skills are done between, again, these skills are for a floor practicum. Well I gave in we spent the last three hours drawing blood, she felt fabulous and I fell short.
    It might just be that that particular student wasn't willing to learn. It might also be that going into such depth in regard to plan of care might have been putting the cart before the horse in where she was at in school. Imagine studying to become a mechanic and they're showing you engine diagrams when you've never opened the hood of a car, changed oil, etc.