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  1. I have been working in a small local hospital since June 4th of this year. I am a new grad and am in orientation, but I am still doing 12 hour shifts like all the other nurses. As a matter of fact, I have been asked to work weekends when they were short and have gone in in the middle of a shift to cover for a nurse who was ill. I am now taking 5 patients, or as many as the rest of the nurses on my floor are. I found out last Thursday that I am NOT getting paid shift differential! Not only that, but I start 3 weeks of night orientation and will not be paid shift differential for that. I figured it up and they are keeping about $600 from me for the next three weeks, not to mention what they've saved during the last 6 weeks! No one told me when I was hired that they would not be paying shift diff to me while I was on orientation.

    I am going to call this morning and talk to someone. I am ready to tell them I will not work nights for no shift diff and I need to be paid for the last six weeks as well. I have been thinking about this all weekend and am really pissed. Really, I am ready to quit if they don't pay me. If they are treating me like this this early, what is to come? I LOVE my job and the people I work with and don't want to leave, but to me this is too much. I talked to another nurse who has been there a year and she told me SHE got shift diff while on orientation. Is this as unacceptable as I think it is?


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  3. by   CEN35
    orientation or's part of the hospitals responsibility to pay you the diff imo. call and get it straightened out asap
  4. by   LauraRN0501
    Hi Rick, thanks for the input. I just got off the phone with HR and was told that it was a "coding error." Apparently when it is coded as orientation, it overrides the shift diff code. I will get whatever it is they owe me in my next paycheck and will also be getting my shift diff for nights!