Need some interesting ideas for a presentation

  1. My fundamentals class requires us to do a presentation on some aspect of nursing and health care with such topics as geriatric nursing, the nurse practitioner program, how high health care costs affects low income patients, etc.

    I just want our presentation to be different and interesting, but it needs to be backed by research and good information that is out there so I can't pick something too off the wall.

    If you were sitting in on the class, what would be a topic that YOU would find interesting in one of the presentations? Let's hear some ideas.

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  3. by   vampiregirl
    I used to be the manager at a MR/DD group home, with most of my residents being geriatric. Since it's for a nursing class, you would probably need to modify parts of it, but I think the general concept might have some potential... my objective was to address the effects on the sensory systems as aging progresses. I've also done these at a community health fair:

    Eyesight- swimming goggles with the lenses scratched (very scratched)

    Tactile- heavy gardening gloves

    Hearing- cotton or earplugs

    I then had the particpants try to do simple ADLS- buttoning a shirt, reading a newspaper article, having a conversation, opening a pill bottle and removing 1 "pill" (m&m), etc.