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Here's my issue: Last night I got report, 2 readmissions, my other 28 people admision complete, the other med sheets need finishing, 3-7 float lpn, no prob sheets will be done I'm on my... Read More

  1. by   Imrnlil
    The first person to ask is........the patient!!!! What is meant by sensitivity? It has been my experience that a lucid patient will most times know what meds they take and why. I have had this experience and many times the patient will give a detailed account of why they take the drug, what is meant by sensitivity, i.e. hematuria at a higher dose, and say yes, this is my usual dose. But if the patient was vague and the chart was no help call the doc. Who cares if you get yelled at, develop a thicker skin. You can always address a coworkers attitude in an appropriate forum. Like your manager's office. You aren't going to work with those people forever. From the sounds of it not long at all. Protect your license.