Need some advice for starting midnights.

  1. I need some help/advice/something for starting midnight shift.
    I am a new nurse and will be working my first midnight shift tomorrow. I start at 5:30p and finish at 6a.

    I have NEVER done a full midnight and am very nervous. I've worked as an STNA for three years and recently graduated nursing school and passed the NCLEX.

    I am going to try and stay up as last as possible tonight, then sleep for only a few hours. Then I'll try to nap before I leave for work.

    I need advice on sleep schedules, time for husband, and how to stay awake. (I am immune to caffeine so any ideas on how else to stay awake?)

    I will take any and all advice for working midnight shifts. Actually any advice as I'm a new nurse.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    There are plenty of threads on how to survive and thrive on the night shift. Here's one: