Need organizational tips for new job

  1. I am an "old" nurse going to a "new" area. (Neuro ICU). I begin orientation shortly.

    I wonder if any of you have any tips on how to organize a folder or some such item to keep needed information/cheat sheets that i will aquire/write down during orientation.

    I've worked cardiac ICU before, (*not at the same hospital that I am to be employed at now) and have a varied background in nursing, but would be new to the Neuro ICU; I want to be able to write down ideas and tips passed on by my preceptor, also keeping cheat sheets like ABG analysis, etc in some kind of a binder or folder.

    It needs to be something that can be easily accessable and still be small enough or compact enough to tote around - also something durable that will not fall apart through its months/years of use......anyone have any useful ideas or things that worked for them to help during their orientation phaze? I plan to use this "folder" or whatever throughout not only my orientation but my daily work even after orientation. Ideas anyone?
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  3. by   indeed
    I find a regular clipboard to be extremely helpful (new grad dork that I am ). They sell clipboards at most uniform stores with lab values and the like printed on both sides, some of them even have calculators on them. I just bought a plain old clip from an office supply store. Hope that helps.

  4. by   fedupnurse
    They have small index cards with a spiral bound. They are durable and you can carry it in your pocket. Jot it down as you go then get it into another type of book later. I find rewriting stuff helps reinforce it. Try not to focus so much on getting stuff written down as listening. I don't know if the Fast Facts books have sections specific to Neuro ICU. Mines at work so I'll check to see if they have a web site and get back to you.
    Good luck on this new adventure. You will learn alot and be dealing with a challanging group of doctors. The longer your residency and feloowships last the closer to God they think they are!!!!!