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    Hello, my name is Olive and I'm from Canada, B.C. I am in my first year in nursing. My praxis seminar instructor gave us an assignment to look for nurses online to collaborate with. So this message is to ask anybody outside Canada if they would like to chat with me. Some of the topics that we will be discussing are related to health, and nursing. So please if anyone is interested please email me at Also the things that we will be discussing will remain confidential (other than the instructor).

    yours truly

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  3. by   purplemania
    Hello Olive. I have a background as surgery tech working with group of Retina Surgeons (one who worked in Toronto several years and married a Canadian). When I quit to get my RN degree I began working as Pediatric nurse. I am now in staff development and in grad school working on MSN in Education. If any of this helps you, send email to Be sure to mention in subject line or your email might get blocked. Good luck in school.