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  1. I have tried ICU, loved it but can't continue at that pace for too long. Left for better hours and took dialysis course. Have been doing it for 7 months now and have a love-hate relationship with this area. One day I like it the next I hate it. Need an area where I feel I make a difference, these patients are for the most part- don't care- chronics. I give support and education and they blow it out there ears :angryfire . I don't feel like I am making a difference at all, and I am working with a larger group of women who gossip and send off bad vibes to all around (they hate their jobs, but continue to work them....forever...and ever...). I am ready to try new and different again.But I would like to find that perfect job, somewhere I need help to find it. I love nursing but have only 8 years to retirement and would like to find it soon. I don't think I can work nites again and I do like working only Days and Eve now, with 8 and 12 hour shifts. CAn Any one of you help me.....????
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  3. by   Erin RN
    HOme IV a dialysis and ICU nurse you have great experience. The perks..autonomy, one patient at a time, limited contact with your co workers (just enough to be friends) and you will make a difference from the chemo patient to the pain management patient to the ABX infected incision patient they will welcome you into their homes (here is the only downfall..some of these homes are less than clean ). You will get to deal with all types of lines..SQ, PIV, Ports, jugulars, piccs ,subclavians. You will also get to do a huge amt of teaching as many times the families flush these lines when you aren't there. Days mon thru Fri with usually one weekend a month call and maybe one eve a week call but they usually have a PM nurse so you would only get called out if she was swamped. Anyways just a thought..Erin
  4. by   new2nursing
    It took me a little while to get back online, but I'm back and with a new computer.
    It sounds very interesting to me....
    Thanks for the tip..Erin RN
  5. by   lady_jezebel
    Does home infusion nursing become too routine/boring after a while? And how is the pay? Thanks in advance.
  6. by   Erin RN
    I really never got bored doing it. The pay was okay..basically either similar to the hospital with benes or pay per visit which was lucrative when the visits were 1 hour or under but if they were long infusions like Cytogam or IVIG and it took 3 hours you basically didn't make much. Usually the long visits didn't happen much. We made 30 a visit and 60 a visit for an admit plus we were remimbursed for our was a pretty fun job. The best day I ever had was a 8 hour day in which I did 12 visits and drove about 120 miles the usual was 8 visits a day so not too bad..